Vermont Organics Non-GMO Organic Baby Formula

Vermont Organics Infant Formula meets FDA standards and is made by Perrigo Nutritionals on 146 acres of countryside all near Burlington, Vermont. Perrigo is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies with a 125-year heritage of pharmaceutical quality, service and innovation. Our organic formula features include:

  • Complete Nutrition
  • DHA, ARA & Choline
  • Made with Non-GMO Ingredients

Our team in Vermont has been manufacturing high quality powder infant formulas for retailers around the globe for more than 30 years. We initially launched Vermont Organics as a regional, New England, organic formula brand. Soon afterwards we started offering it nationally to consumers outside the northeast who wanted organic nutrition for their babies.

Just recently, we began selling Vermont Organics Baby Formula at select Costco locations. This is a great fit for families are looking for the best organic baby formula option for their little ones.

  • Organic Formula for Babies

    Vermont Organics offers two types of formulas for babies: organic milk formula and organic soy formula.

  • Non-GMO Infant Formula

    Our organic infant formula is made with ingredients that have not been genetically modified or engineered.

  • Approved by Quality Assurance International

    Perrigo's Vermont factory is approved by QAI to manufacture organic formula that is compliant with USDA regulations.

  • Meets All FDA Standards

    Vermont Organics meets all FDA standards just like other baby formula brands and is produced in Perrigo’s FDA-inspected facility.

Our Vermont Organic Baby Formula is in a New Package

Same Trusted Organic Formula, New Parent Friendly Packaging

Vermont Organics Infant Formula is now offered in parent friendly, recyclable* and reusable 36-ounce packaging that offers unique features and benefits:

  • Easy Open Zip Top
  • Mess-Free Scoop Holder
  • Built-in Level for Scoop
  • Hygienic Scoop Handle

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*Where facilities exist

GMO-Free Baby Formula

Vermont Organics meets all "Certified Organic Formula" requirements outlined by the National Organic Program. This means that Vermont Organics does not contain genetically modified organisms. GMOs are plants that have been genetically engineered with bacteria or DNA from other plants to increase crop production and control pests.

The formula is produced in an FDA inspected facility and contains:

  • No Potentially Harmful Pesticides
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Added Growth Hormones

Plus, our cows are raised on organic feed with access to the outdoors. This keeps them happy too!